Early Access Gaming 2014

These 5 great games will make you wonder if early access will become the default delivery method for future titles. 

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The Tech Version of Oscar Predictions: The 2013 Crunchies Awards

Taking a time honored pasttime and transfering it to a genre a little closer to home, take a look at my predictions for this year's winners.


Find Out The Winners of the Crunchies Awards Before They Happen


Update: 7 for 11 ain't too shabby, esepcially considering how Crandy Crush  somehow managed to beat out Supercell despite their efforts to bully seemingly every other game maker out there.


From iOS To Android With the HTC One

There's a big world of tech out there and it's important not to let yourself get walled into just one segment.


A new ecoysytem built on a rock-solid platform, see what HTC's new flagship has to offer.




Public House Wine

A spotlight on a wine startup that hopes to make a mark on the ever-expanding wine industry with a taste engineered for a new generation.


Public House Wine: A New Box For A New Generation


Something Unmechanical: The Razer Death Stalker

For a chiclet style alternative to the mechanical keyboard, read my review of the Razer Death Stalker.

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