Lightinggate and Dark Souls 2
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 02:40AM
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With the release of Dark Souls 2, the deaths are already beginning to pile up by the millions. While the game has received a mostly positive reception, there has been some attention called to a few differences between the final game and some demo footage seen prior to release.


The issue centers around some of the lighting and graphics seen in the previews that isn't fully reflected in the final game. The problem now is that some people are claiming this was an intentional move by From Software to trick users into buying the game. watch the video below for a comparison between the two.



Before we even address the specific differences highlighted by the video, let's say flat out the notion of From trying to deceive a notoriously loyal fan base is completely ridiculous. Even so, From Software has scheduled a press release for next week specifically addressing this topic. Let me save you the time and predict what they are going to say.


During the development they noticed that the impact that lighting systems had upon overall performance of the game was too much, and they had to tone it down in order to keep a high and stable fps.


The Souls series hasn't been the smoothest playing series, with framerate issues in areas like Blighttown in Dark Souls 1. I don't think it's that big of a deal to make adjustments to the lighting in order to deliver smoother play, and in fact they should be applauded for making those changes. Remember, this game was released only on last gen hardware, that has been struggling to keep up with modern game development for quite some time.


That being said I fully expect the lighting system to be implemented in the PC release on April 25th. After their mess of a PC port for Dark Souls, From promised to do right by the sequel, and it's not a stretch to think they will try to harness the hardware advantages gained during their port to PC.


As far as the actual difference between the preview and final release lighting, the preview clearly looks better. Shadows are clearly defined, there is a warmth and radiance to the reflective light and the fires have a crispness to them. Even the textures on the floor in the second area are more detailed. Obviously this took a hit on the framerate, and has to be dialed back a little bit for the final game. Look closely at the embers trailing of the torch to see a real difference in appearance.


While it is unfortunate they could not get these enhancements into the final build, it is a sympton of running on old hardware, and these differences aside From has still managed to create a beautiful game. For the console owners out there, enjoy it and stop complaining. You got your game, and it is the glorious punishing sequel you have been waiting for since the end of Dark Souls 1.



The PC edition of Dark Souls 2 was pushed back a week until May 2.

Also, creator of the original DSfix for Dark Souls on PC Durante was granted early access to the upcoming PC port  and said "I wish I was allowed to talk right now and irrefutably demonstrate just how ridiculous the idea that DS2 PC assets aren't improved over their console counterparts is." 

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