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CBS to join up with MLG and Twitch.tv

Announced today, CBS Interactive will be partnering with Major League Gaming and Twitch.tv to promote and develop the esports sector in the United States.


CBSi is no stranger to the videogame market with properties including Gamespot.com and recent acquisition Giantbomb.com and is looking to expand into the growing esports market with these partnerships. MLG is one of the leading hosts of esports tournaments with matches playing Halo, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. MLG has signed on to be the exclusive online broadcaster for CBSi who served over 15 million hours of gaming in 2011 with each event bringing in upwards of 200,000 concurrent viewers.


Twitch.tv will also be working with CBSi for exclusive rights to advertising and promotion allowing CBS to reach Twitch’s 25 million users and to help further develop the esports scene.


This move places CBS firmly in place of a rapidly growing market including the valuable 18-34 male audience. The total prize pool of the MLG season finale last year in providence totaled over $200,000 and with the future support from a big name such as CBSi can only stand to grow not just for players, but fans as well.


This also brings a security to the future of esports in the U.S as MLG has been recently experimenting different strategies to test the feasibility of their esports business. This may be a large step in bringing the U.S. closer to the Korean esports scenes that already has TV channels similar to ESPN devoted to esports coverage and where top players are just as well known as movie stars or pop singers.


MLG’s next event will be their Starcraft 2 Spring Arena to be held April 20-22 in New York City.