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Make Youtube Yours Again



 For anyone who’s been on Youtube recently, you’ve probably noticed the havoc that the recent Google+ integration has had on the commenting system and overall performance of Youtube as a whole.


It’s gotten so bad that some major content producers are claiming that Google is gaming their own system to reduce negative feedback and criticism about the recent changes.


Others like TotalBiscuit, Boogie and PewdiePie, Youtubers with over a million subscribers each, are turning off comments for their videos and instead using Reddit and other sites in order to correspond with their viewers.


It’s times like this that remind us that there really aren’t very many alternatives for Youtube. Dailymotion and Liveleak are slow and riddled with clunky players, and while Vimeo has great quality, their supporting infrastructure is a little weak.


So until this mess is resolved here are some tips and tricks to make Youtube work the way YOU want it.


Slow Playback 

Youtube has changed the way it’s cached and buffered its video often resulting in poor playback. One option actually comes from Google themselves in the form of the Youtube Feather Beta that for many videos can increase the speed and responsiveness of their player. You can opt in and out whenever you like, so don;t be scared to give it a try.



The Adblock extension for both Chrome and Firefox is a great way to get rid of those intrusive ads, especially when the ad you are forced to watch is longer than the video you are trying to get to. There is even a mobile version for smartphones. Adblock also remove ads from website during general borwsing as well, helping keep clutter to a minimum. Just keep in mind that Youtubers and many of your favorite sites depend on those ads for revenue, so be sure to help them out and whitelist their pages.



To disable comments for your videos you can go to the Video Manager > Select which videos you want comments disabled  > Select actions > Scroll down to advanced > Select comment > choose the option you want.

Alternatively if you want to get rid of comments forever, the No Youtube Comments extension for Chrome and Firefox is also available.


User Interface


The layout for Youtube is constantly under construction, whether you know it or not. For older users of the site they may remember the wonderful grid layout for the subscription page which made is much simpler to keep track of the latest uploads from your favorite subscribers. Download it for Chrome and Firefox.


The Kitchen Sink


Magic Actions for Chrome and Youtube Center for Firefox can fix a whole litany of Youtube issues such as always quality auto-select, disabling comments, Cinema mode, auto-play options and more. 


There's no reason to get pushed around by changes that make your experience wose, and with these simpletricks you don't have to.