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The Ubuntu Edge


The latest in crowd sourcing news come from Ubuntu developers Canonical with what may be the most ambitious goal to date. Off the success of the Ubuntu for phones, Canonical is seeking $32 million in crowd sourced funds to develop a new smartphone call the Ubuntu Edge with the ability to dual boot Ubuntu and Android with enough power to possibly replace many PCs.


In just over a day they have already funded 5000 phone pre-sales to the tune of $3 million raised on Indiegogo with 30 days left to go. Canonical cites the issue of not having a test bed for bleeding edge consumer electronics as their reason for turning to crowd sourcing to fund their new phone. With lofty expectations and an impressive feature list including things like a sapphire crystal display, 128 GB storage and 4 GB of RAM, you have to wonder if $32 million will even be enough? This is before you even get to logistical issues of how users will be able to use their phone as a PC and still answer calls at the same time.


This isn’t the first time a phone has tried to be a PC replacement. Most recently there has been the Asus Padphone, the Fujitsu Lifebook concept or further back the Motorola Atrix, which allowed users creative ways to dock their phone to a display for a facsimile of a desktop experience. Canonical hasn’t even mentioned the production of a dock with seems like a necessity for use as a traditional PC. Connecting a display, mouse and keyboard and any other externals every time you sit down at your desk seems like more trouble than it’s worth, no matter how powerful the hardware is.


There is no doubt the Edge’s spec sheet hits the sweet spot high end smart phone performance, but for a company’s first step into hardware production, getting this device out in time will be a Herculean task, not to mention the reaming $28 or so million dollars they still need to raise.


An $830 donation can be your voucher to get an Edge when it releases, and you can find out more on their Indiegogo page here.


EDIT: For those of you who missed the Day 1 $675 backer level, Canonical has added more level ranging from $725 to the original $830 level


EDIT 2: Mark Shuttleworth, found of Canonical is doing an AMA on reddit answering more questions about the Edge and their future plans