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25 Years of Street Fighter/Salty Bet

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom recently released a documentary titled I Am Street Fighter. The film features commentary from notable people like former Capcom community manager Seth Killian, multiple Evo champion Justin Wong and Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada and many others.

Regardless of how much you care about the FGC or even fighting games in general, the impact Street Fighter II had on ludology and the development of game design will forever be etched in video game history. You can watch the documentary in its entirety below or on the Street Fighter Youtube channel.


This also creates the perfect segue into the latest craze in the fighting game community, Salty's Dream Cast Casino, or just Salty Bet for short.


If you been wondering why a relatively unknown game called MUGEN has been hovering among some of the most popular channels on Twitch.tv, it’s because of Salty Bet.

MUGEN is a 2D fighting game that features the ability for users to upload their own characters, including sounds, animations and most importantly AI, into the game engine. This is where Salty Bet comes in. Instead of having actual people face off against each other, Salty Bet pitches the AI of the different characters against each other, often resulting in unpredictable and quite often comedic outcomes.  Viewers are also allowed to bet virtual Salty Bucks on who they think will win and the tally is tracked over time. Their channel is regularly among the top 15 most viewed channels on Twitch, often averaging over 2500 concurrent viewers.


Salty Bet is the first time the usually atrociousl Twitch chat has felt appropriate often even adding to the excitement of a close match-up. Get engrossed in the insanity of Servbot vs. Mecha Sagat at www.saltybet.com. And don’t forget, all in on waifu and try to stay out of the salt mines.


PS - The music on Salty Bet is an amazing eclectic selection of soundtracks, pop hits and everything in between. Watching the chat explode when Guile's theme or Sandstorm comes on is fun in it's own right, but they desperately need to add a tracklist to help us identify those more obscure songs.