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Family Sharing and Humble Bundle 9

Picking up where Microsoft left off after recent revisions to the Xbox One digital policy, Steam is set to introduce a friends and family sharing program that will allow selected devices to digitally borrow games from another person’s Steam library.

Valve is planning for a beta test to run later this month, current steam users can opt-in to the beta by joining this group on the Steam community. Up to 10 devices will be allowed to share from a single Steam library, and to make sure the original owner is never inconvenienced, they will always have priority over others when it comes to playing games on their library. In the case of an owner deciding to play their library while another user is borrowing a game, the borrowing user will asked to exit the game and given a grace period to save or otherwise maintain current game progress.


Borrowing users will even have access to game specific DLC, assuming it has been purchased by the original owner. Shared users will also be able to earn their own in-game items like hats in Team Fortress 2 as well as Steam trading cards that will show up under their own account and not the original owner’s. This means that shared users can potentially make money playing games they don’t own by selling in-game items and trading cards through the steam community.



In other Steam related news, the Humble Indie Bundle 9 was recently released. This package includes Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Brutal Legend, beta access to Eets Munchies and the soundtracks for each game. People who pay over the average of $4.60 at the time of writing will also get FEZ and FTL: Faster Than Light as well as an games that may be added to the bundle in the future.


My thoughts: I can’t overstate what a great deal this bundle is. For less than five dollars you get four of my top 20 games of the last two years, and I paid more than five dollars each when I bought them individually. FTL and Mark of the Ninja would already be a steal and the other games are a delicious gravy on top of an already hearty meal. And if you spend more than a dollar, and really who wouldn’t, provides Steam keys for every game, it really couldn’t be easier.


There is just over a week left on Humble Indie Bundle 9 and the next big sale won’t until the Steam Fall Sale after Thanksgiving, so what are you waiting for? Don’t forget you can even adjust your sale to give the proceeds to the charities, developers or Humble Bundle for putting together such a deal.


UPDATE: For people who paid over the average sale price, Humble Bundle has added Limbo, Bastion, A Virus Named Tom, and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken. While I haven't the last two games, the inclusion of Bastion and Limbo have this Humble Bundle offering what are widely regarded as the top 5 indie games of the last three years. They would be hard pressed to make this deal any sweeter.