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Video Content, Trends and Futures of Video Games 

Growth of Gaming


Earlier this week Google released a study on the growth and impact of video content as it relates to video games. This study seems to have gone unnoticed which is strange considering the amount of time and coverage that is often spenty trying to find the next big trend in contemporary media.


The study takes a look at the growth of videogame content throughout 2012, citing an over 100% gain in time spent viewing gaming content compared to 2011. Google showed the growth in gaming content exceeded the overall growth of Youtube as a whole, with an increasing number of views coming from mobile devices. The most important observation is that they found a strong correlation between the sales of a new game and the amount of views of brand related content.


This should be a wake up call for some Japanese game makers like Square-Enix who have been struggling recently even after producing quality AAA releases. Additionally they observed that post release almost 40% of video content is community generated, providing another vector of interest generation independent from the original brand.


The short story is that companies need to put more time into producing strong brand released content, both pre and post launch, in order to increase visibility and sales. The entire report can be see here.


On a separate but related issue, Twitch.tv announced a partnered with Steam to provide a more integrated way for viewers to watch Steam games on Twitch. Right now the biggest effect is that this allows viewers more choice on the manner in which they watch their content. Previously, DOTA2 viewers had to use the in-game spectating system in order to receive the prizes for watching certain DOTA2 tournaments. While they haven’t stated what other developments are in the works between Twitch and Steam, after securing a partnership with Microsoft for Xbox One streaming and now Steam, Twitch has further solidified their lead in the streaming market.


A quick Alexa check shows Twitch.tv with a global rank of 442 globally and 216 in the US, while PS4 streaming partner Ustream only ranks 1135 but with a much stronger rank of 300 in Japan. With the semi-recent shutdown of Own3d.com and the current uncertainty of Azubu.net, the internet streaming competition has become a two-horse race. With Youtube’s live streaming capabilities still in its infancy and the release of the PS4 and Xbox One in the fall it will be interesting to follow the change in these numbers throughout the next year.